The Community Group Improving Access to Learning Beyond Schools

Our aim is to improve access to learning beyond school. We are a local community group of teachers, volunteers and councillors.

What do we do?

We want to make sure every school student, from reception through to sixth form, has everything they need to give them the best chance to succeed when learning at home.

How do we do it?

We work through the schools, who know best which homes need what materials or equipment. They know their students best.

How can you help?

Help by donating any old laptops or tablets to Ability Systems on Witney High Street. The amazing team there, and experts across town, are cleaning them and loading them with Windows 10, ready for student use, for free.

In addition, please consider offering funds for further projects – such as packs of books, pens, access to online literacy and numeracy programmes, or subscriptions to education services or magazines.

I need support

If you need help you can request support via your child’s school. 

Can my business get involved?

If your business could help in anyway please do get in touch. 

Schools in Witney Partnership

Request a materials and equipment for your school.

Give our children the best chance for success

Support Witney ALBS!